Frequently asked questions

Tuition, Price, Fees

What is the tuition for Piccoli Bambini Preschool?

Piccoli Bambini tuition varies according to your child’s age and whether the enrollment is full-time or part-time.
• Full-Time Monthly Tuition for Children 3-24 months $1,640
• Full-Time Monthly Tuition for Children 2-5 years old $1,540
• Part-Time Monthly Tuition for Children 0-5 years old $1,390

School Location

Where are you located?

We are located on 660 Crandon Blvd #110-160, Key Biscayne, FL33149 by Winn-Dixie’s covered parking lot.

School Specific Info, Web Cam, Forms

Are webcams available?
Yes. Piccoli Bambini Preschool offer parents access to webcams.
Does the school has a uniform policy?

Yes. Piccoli Bambini Preschool believes that a safe learning environment is an important aspect of our school. Our uniform policy is intended to promote respect for the learning process, build school identity and community spirit, and to create a safe and orderly school climate. Bellow are the guidelines for our school uniform.

  • Uniforms are required for every student starting the Toddlers Program and up.
  • Student may wear denim or any type of bottoms (pants, shots, leggins). To enable children to be as independent as possible, students should wear clothing that they can adjust without assistance, such as pants that include elastic waists, large buttons, velcro, etc.
  • The uniform guidelines are in affect every day of the school year.
Does the school offer Drop-In Childcare?
Yes. Piccoli Bambini Preschool offers a drop-in care program that allows families to access our high-quality child care on an as-needed basis for children ages 3 weeks – 5 years old. Please go to the Drop-In section for more information.

Schedule, Hours

What are the hours of operation for Piccoli Bambini Preschool?
Hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8 :00. AM to 6:00 PM

Payment, Tuition Payment

Can I pay my tuition online?
Yes. You may pay your tuition online. Please contact our Administration Team for access information of our software system to submit your payments online.

Campus Tour, Enrollment, Application

How do I enroll my child in Piccoli Bambini?
Please contact the school at +1 (786) 765-7635 or email us at to schedule a tour and discuss availability. We will be happy to assist you with enrolling your child.
Are there forms I should fill out for enrollment?

Enrollment forms can be found on the school’s website under Admissions.

Alert, Closings, Holidays, Holiday Schedule

How do I find out about holiday and weather closings?
Please check with our our year calendar and list of observed holidays about holidays under Curriculum. Weather closings are typically posted on our social media accounts and announced by email as an alert.

Curriculum, Transition and School Policies

What are the Main Differences between Reggio Emilia and Montessori Schools?
Bellow are the main differences between Reggio Emilia and Montessori Schools:
  • Education level: Reggio Emilia education is primarily intended for preschool and early elementary school. The Montessori approach, meanwhile, can be used in preschool, but also used in elementary and middle school.
  • Learning Process Philosophy: Reggio Emilia focuses in collaborative work offering Social – Constructivist education where the child’s learning is supported by each other. Montessori Schools promote individual work with build-in controls of errors.
  • Academics: Both schools focus on academics in preschool and elementary school. Montessori schools, though, tend to focus more on academics. In particular,  they emphasize work over play (more so than Reggio schools).
  • Documentation: Reggio Emilia Schools often displays documentation for the community to see. While Montessori Teacher’s observations are considered private.
How can I help my child transitioning to preschool?

Going to preschool brings a good share of emotions, both for parents and children. For a child entering. A. new environment and meeting new people can produce both: anxiety and anticipation. Since parents may have conflicting emotions about whether your children are prepared for preschool, it is important that the decision-making process begins with us as parents. The more comfortable we are about the new stage and the more  familiar we are about the transition, the shorter the adjustment period. Will be for both.

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